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BeThere Global

Webcasting events used to mean truckloads of gear, teams of technicians and an eye-watering bill!
No more! BeThere Global record conferences and webcast them live or on demand using just one technician and equipment portable enough to fly.


With hundred s of successful webcasts for multi-national corporate clients, as well as many educational events for societies and associations, we take care of the entire process from the conference room to viewers’ screens.


The remote delegates see and hear exactly what they would in the room and can question, comment and vote  through our viewer interaction program.


Record – Stream – Profit.


Etherlive is a leading provider of technical services to outdoor and indoor events including exhibitions, tours, festivals press launches and internal meetings. Etherlive specialises in internet connectivity, wired and wireless networking, VoIP, media streaming, CCTV and PDQs and is well-known in the industry for delivering innovative services including people counting, cashless RFID systems and custom projects.

Etherlive has worked with the likes of WOMAD Festival; Goodwood Estates including the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Goodwood Revival; The Olympic & Paralympic Games 2012; the Isle of Wight Festival; and PSP Southampton Boat Show.

Event Phoenix

EventPhoenix: transforming the event experience.


Our focus is to continually improve our fantastic event apps, working closely with our clients and partners to deliver the very best in innovative event app technology with features such as personalised agendas and offers, gamification, and sponsorship opportunities.


Event Phoenix boasts a technical team that is second-to-none in delivering best of breed features across all major mobile platforms, and an expert account team who share a commitment to delivering a personalised and professional joined-up service. EventPhoenix allow event organisers to forget about the technology and focus on delivering the best event experience.



ICBI events are renowned for their networking and are deliberately formatted to maximise the face to face opportunities. Building on this real-world reputation, ICBI offers attendees the GenieConnect attendee web portal and mobile event app, with a strong focus on the delegate networking that it offers.


Results were excellent. The attendee web portal allowed delegates to begin networking, with 90% of registered delegates logging in & sending over 2,000 messages & meeting requests among themselves. 

Those choices were synced with their mobile app.


For ICBI this means better results for their delegates, and more bookings for next time. This activity created a highly detailed social map of customer behaviour- what’s popular, what’s not, who’s active and who’s passive, when do people plan their trip and what relationships do they have. All providing invaluable insight into their customers behaviour.

Grass Roots DMS

Grass Roots DMS and the ‘system’


We have developed our own proprietary delegate registration system, based on a core platform with customised components that can be configured for each client’s requirements, managing events from 500 – 100,000. The registration system, combined with the Grass Roots DMS reputation for outstanding levels of service together with the customer service we offer, is the formula behind continued business growth through advocacy and referral.


In summary the Grass Roots DMS registration system has fuelled our business growth by offering flexibility, control, speed and above all, the optimum user experience for each and every one of our client events.

IML Interactive UK

IML has provided interactive solutions to enhance engagement at conferences for over 20 years and are the leaders in Harnessing Audience Insight.


IML realises that the audience insights generated at meetings can be harnessed to enhance both the delegate experience and the ROI for the organisers. IML has delivered data, content and analysis to over half a million participants at over 15,000 events, ranging from 10 to 10,000 attendees from its worldwide offices.


IML provides a range of interactive solutions, including IML Click for everyday meetings; IML Connector, for larger or more comprehensive events and IML Tablet solutions for events where content is critical.

Silverstream TV

Silverstream's technology keeps event organisers up to date and relevant to their media-savvy digital audience.


Twitter Walls - empower everyone to have their say and enable people around the world to follow and participate. 


Live video streaming – brings selected content to a global audience.


Video at the Speed of Twitter – injects the highlights into the social media conversation.


Video for Apps – adds video content directly into an event app.


The award winning team have a pedigree in broadcast TV.  Clients include the Society of Editors, EMAP, Centaur, UBM, Google, DMG World Media, Informa, Clarion, BMW, the NME and Pfizer.

Trinity Events

Our Achievement.

  • In-house proprietorial on-line registration and on-site registration systems.




  • Data exchange and synchronization with almost all modern information systems.
  • Monitoring and making payments on a real time basis.
  • Remote control access to the system.
  • Automatically data update on all devices within the system.
  • Opportunity of self-registration interface customization for each event.
  • IT platform have been upgraded for the demands and opportunities of Big Data. 
  • Data Management, Selection & Analysis software. CRM software for sponsors, delegates, speakers, press.
  • Reports. Immediate formation of any type of analytical reports.
  • Site and mobile apps platform.
  • Fault tolerance.